The Wayfaring Foodie

New York dogs are the best

I live to eat. And what better way to find new foods than to visit new places? I don’t know everything (I’m close), and I too am guilty for eating McDonald’s chicken snack wraps. But what I do get my grubby hands on, I consume with a passion.

Lived in Scotland, studying at St. Andrews. I ate my way through paninis, stovies, potato soups, and haggis.

I lived right in the corner of Germany, close to Luxembourg (it’s a country, I swear), Belgium and France, where I relished all the amazing foods I could find. (Except foie gras. Did not like ze duck livers.)

Now, I dwell on the coastal culture of northwest Florida, where I plan to finally learn how to grill a fishy.

Basically, if I haven’t eaten it, I will. Trust me.

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