Feminism + Food

I love to cook for my family. A clean kitchen fills me with a strange sense of peace. And yes, babies do hold a certain appeal for me (talk to me after thirty minutes though, and I’ll probably hand them back). But I also have all the Rambo films, climb mountains for fun, don’t believe in a five-second rule (dirt won’t hurt and I wanted to eat it anyway) and am in the military. Oftentimes, there seems to be a strange disconnect between the females of my generation, the art of “homemaking”, and kicking butt. I belong to the school of thought that women can do both.

In a Western female culture dominated by Pinterest, wedding craze and unrealistic beauty standards, it’s hard to say there isn’t a challenge to find a balanced feminism perspective. This blog is my exploration of the world, to find myself and my identity beyond cultural mores. 

A word on feminism:  In our modern world, feminism has a negative connotation, especially when it comes to the ironic equality factor. It is important to note that feminism by definition is the movement for equal rights. I approve of equality, not gender-bashing of either sex. Both are needed to populate the world. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen should treat each other with the proper respect. There can also be a gap between femininity and feminism. I believe that women should rejoice in their femininity and embrace their inner strength. Go ahead, paint your nails! Get a mathematics degree! Climb that mountain and drink a frou frou Starbucks while you are at it! Be an incredible lady.

As with everything in our wonderfully technological world, there is a list for this conundrum:  how to be a classy feminist.

You can find some  of my older posts here.


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