The Brit Who Stole Thanksgiving

I was strolling through the various tastefully decorated food websites in a vague hope for a good foodie feeling. I wasn’t searching for anything in particular, but I was tired of mourning the end of my favorite autumnal month.

I mean, what’s there to look forward after the unique month of October? October: the crisp air, the warm drinks, the falling cascade of half of the rainbow, the pink blush of the cheeks…sigh. Insert proverbial aimless kick of cyber leaves here.

Ah. But wait. True, November is a silly month that is necessary only to preclude the month of the true holiday (my birthday), BUT. But. There exists one day in November that reconciles the miserably grey skies and the painful senioritis that plague students: Thanksgiving. The day of pumpkin pie (sacrificed in October, eaten in November; painful existence they have), of family tension, and too much stuffing. A beauteous day. Yes! Yes, I DO have something to look forward to!

Gone was my aimless journey through the food blogs. I was on a mission! From Demeter, goddess of Harvest! And no one was going to stop me in my celebration of this American holiday of gorging!

And then, in the top Google hits for “Thanksgiving food”, was this:

Hold the cranberry sauce....

At first, I admired the beautiful pesentation of the cranberries. What a lovely dish…and that dark red! So deep.

Then, I saw it. BBC? Wait. That stands for British Broad— Hold the pumpkin pie. They…that’s…stealing! The Brits have stolen Thanksgiving!!

After researching, I found that my initial conclusion was correct. Only Canadians and Indians have a nationally declared holiday of Thanksgiving. The Brits have never had one. They filched our brilliant holiday of gluttony! And they can’t even pretend that they have any sort of “hey, we survived the winter wonderland” moment. All they really have to celebrate is the shipping off of the convicts and the leaving of the religious radicals. And while that may be enough for a minor holiday –perhaps a long weekend in August– it is most definitely not worth a glorious day of cranberries and stuffing and turkey and pie and green bean casserole and hot buns and…

Then I thought of everything we took from them (their colonies, their tea, and their best actors ), and I didn’t mind so much. Besides, I doubt their cuisine would really be hurt by the addition of the American classics.

So, go ahead, Britain. You continue to sneakily celebrating our holiday. Enjoy those overwhelmingly gooey pieces of pecan pie, that tart cranberry sauce on crispy turkey skin…Have fun, small kingdom of the United. You may hate that it originated here, and try to deny it. But like freedom, the fried chicken steak, and the assembly line, we did Thanksgiving first. And that’s enough for me.

Tasty trial pie before Thanksgiving.

One Comment to “The Brit Who Stole Thanksgiving”

  1. Lovely…Fall my favorite as well…now…I just need the recipe for that yummy pie! You are so talented dear one…can we really be related! Love to you!

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