New York, You Temptress You

Central Park sprawls at the feet of the famous skyscrapers.

I was quite the tourist this past weekend when I ventured to the Big Apple. (side note: no one in New York calls it that. In fact, they oftentimes forget that it is even called that) Overlarge camera perpetually pressed against my eye, a hot dog bought at every corner, and the urge to snatch up all “I Heart New York” shirts…yup, I was tourist to the max. Fortunately, tourists are the glue to the bustling economy and fill the city from dawn to dusk like desperate little ants with only two weeks to live. I had finally found a colony of camera clickin’ creepers who wore ugly camera bags just like me.

Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by an ocean of diversity. A Palestinian gyro here, a cute chattering French girl there, the ubiquitous Asian everywhere…

When I returned home, it was too quiet. Gone were the corners exploding with culture and the savory exotic food stands. Just trucks, Texan flags, and the occasional token black person. I felt out of sorts and grumpy; where was the sizzle of excitement that filled the air like electricity? Where were the subways filled with every sort of person imaginable?

It was a sad student that returned to her overwhelming stacks of homework with a sigh and a forlorn glance to the direction of the melting pot of America.

I have n0w seen the most perfect example of a future Trophy Wife and the Man Who Can Buy Love. Beautiful girl, rich older man. Chaching.

The Rat Race breaks for lunch on Wall Street.

One of the many open grocery stores in Astoria, a suburb of NYC.

Beautiful statue at the Met. His children beg him to eat them so that he may survive. The etched agony is breathtaking.

The tale of Ugolino is a horrifying one. It shows how strong the patriarchal society was in Italy during the eleventh century. Nowadays, the story would be that the father begs his children to eat his flesh to survive, not the other way around.

Classic New Yorker suburb with the classic peacoat.

Central Park's famous rent-a-sailboat.

5 Comments to “New York, You Temptress You”

  1. I always love your posts. Isn’t NYC wonderful? I would love to go back one day. Are you thinking about moving to New York after graduation?

  2. It is SUPERB! It was always my dream to be a penniless writer in the big city.
    When the Air Force picked up the tab to my schooling, my dreams for a Sex in the City/Julie and Julia life were crushed. Maybe one day when I wear something other than blues and camo…

    Boston isn’t far from NYC. But a skip and a hop, eh?

  3. This looks so nice. I have never been to NYC. Despite the fact that I’ve been about everywhere else. I guess I’m more of a west-coaster. I think it would be great. Some day. Love the use of contrast (both visually and in subject material) in your photography. Your posts are always so pretty.

  4. I missed the picture of a fat hot dog in the mouth of a skinny beautiful girl…Loved the diversity and slanted pictures. I can see how Waco would seem a bit sameish after such diversity…

  5. Oh man you are making me want to go there! I have never been to NYC either. Although I’ve been to Europe twice, I’ve managed never to go to NYC, anywhere in California, Chicago, or ANYWHERE on the East Coast. I NEED TO GO SO MANY PLACES. Sigh.

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