The Monster Maker (help!)

I was wandering on one of my favorite sites,, when I came across the story of a young boy (Aidan) who is fighting leukemia. He loves monsters and draws them in between the spinal taps and the treatments. His family sells Aidan’s original monster work for $12 to raise money to pay his hospital bills.

If your cynic’s nose is sniffing the air for another scam (that Gen. Petraeus one was a good one), have no fear. It’s real. Thanks to WordPress, you can live each day with Aidan, pictures and all. You know when he has a bad day, and good one, and a monster day. It’s amazing how the internet can provide these opportunities for doing good in the world.

I plan on buying the Purple Monster print and hanging it up by my desk. I need to be reminded how precious life really is. Thanks, WordPress, for making every day a monster day.

One Comment to “The Monster Maker (help!)”

  1. This is so great! I am not a cynic, but I can be skeptical. I’m not skeptical of this, however. If you know, or have known anyone with cancer– especially a child — I think this will resonate with you. I was a nanny the summer before I came to college, and one of my kids made me a whole book of monster drawings. So cute!

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