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October 31, 2010

Teach the Children!

So, there’s this school. It’s a small one where the teachers only have twenty students and the cafeteria is as large as my living room. The classrooms are filled with paper teddy bears plastered to wall and shining stars crookedly lined up next to sharpied names. You wouldn’t know that most of the children come from chaotic homes from the way they behave:  hands in their laps, synchronized responses, classroom leadership positions…the works. Children politely fight to help the teacher. The teacher’s word is law.

Basically, it is a tutor’s dream come true.

I went with a couple of cadets from my school to “mentor the children”, my commander said. So, we suited up in our best pair of ABUs, washed the mud off of our boots, and prepared to burst in, mentoring guns blazing. To our shock, we encountered a wide-eyed group of twenty children, carefully attempting to control their wiggly hands. Gone were the memories of tooth-breaking, hair-ripping days of elementary school. We had found a new breed of children:  well-behaved ones.

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October 24, 2010

New York, You Temptress You

Central Park sprawls at the feet of the famous skyscrapers.

I was quite the tourist this past weekend when I ventured to the Big Apple. (side note: no one in New York calls it that. In fact, they oftentimes forget that it is even called that) Overlarge camera perpetually pressed against my eye, a hot dog bought at every corner, and the urge to snatch up all “I Heart New York” shirts…yup, I was tourist to the max. Fortunately, tourists are the glue to the bustling economy and fill the city from dawn to dusk like desperate little ants with only two weeks to live. I had finally found a colony of camera clickin’ creepers who wore ugly camera bags just like me.

Everywhere you go, you are surrounded by an ocean of diversity. A Palestinian gyro here, a cute chattering French girl there, the ubiquitous Asian everywhere…

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October 17, 2010

The Monster Maker (help!)

I was wandering on one of my favorite sites,, when I came across the story of a young boy (Aidan) who is fighting leukemia. He loves monsters and draws them in between the spinal taps and the treatments. His family sells Aidan’s original monster work for $12 to raise money to pay his hospital bills.

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October 10, 2010

Lazy Lions

Boy are like lions. They sleep, they eat, they fornicate, and then they sleep some more. Aaaaand maybe later, they will do some work. If they have to.

Boys interest me. The majority of males, from ages 14-24, don’t work as hard, plan as much, and mature as fast as females of the same age. Don’t take my word for it, read the studies. But from my personal experience, I have seen evidence enough of this. My brothers would spend more time WoWing (World of Warcrafting) than working. When Christmas time came around, I was the one lending them the monies to pay for my own present.

School is another example. I have a friend who is brilliant who can barely complete homework if he isn’t interested in it. I have tons of homework that I don’t care a Twinkie’s cream about, but I do it because I care about the final grade. This friend usually cannot find the inner motivation to complete the assignment because he isn’t interested. Like a lazy lion who doesn’t swat away the flies from his eyes, this student just doesn’t find homework worth the effort of trying to be interested.

I suppose it makes sense, really. Boys mature to men. Once there, society has burdened their poor backs with its expectations of caring for the household, winning the bread, and conquering the monetary lapse of the bank account. Might as well have as much fun (and avoid as much non-fun) as possible while they can. Girls are constantly preparing for things (the day, the date, the dinner, the wedding…) in readiness for the future, unaware that their future isn’t much different from the boys’.

A side note on men: why do they find it amusing to lift things? Take the below picture, for example. A group of men in their Sunday best, taking turns lifting a homemade cement rock. Like Atlas, they shrug the stone onto their shoulders and throw it on the ground. Is it to prove their manhood? To display the lack of boyishness? Or maybe it is a deeper, more primeval desire to conquer something small. Lift that rock, and then I can drink three Buds and watch TV. Work completed.

They stand around, waiting for their turn to be Atlas.

October 3, 2010

The Burden of My Generation

Here’s a little secret: I am a faux techie. It seems to me that everyone in my generation has their cyber fingers in more than one technical pie. iPhones, Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Droids, blogging, Dreamweaver, Photoshop…the list is exhaustive. Just because I am one of the special Millenials that has never breathed a molecule of oxygen that didn’t touched a computer, I am supposed to be tech savvy. But, like a Twinkie that can’t pass for a pastry [and here’s the part where I share unnecessary information with you, the omnipresent reader] I am not a tech guru.

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